How to use Bixin Escrow?

Why Bixin escrow?

Escrow transfer builds trust among both parties of the transaction, the maker don’t worry about the payment issue, and the receiver don’t worry about receiving cryptos as well.

Specifically, you can buy/sell cryptos with the help of Escrow.

How to make an Escrow Transfer?

Escrow transfer can be initiated with the one who you want to transfer in Bixin APP by clicking the “Escrow” on the home page.

Choose the crypto you need, enter the transfer amount and then click “Initiate Escrow”.

You can choose to release part of the fund at one time.

After the Excrow Tranfer is initiated, Bixin will hold and froze the digital fund untill you release it to the receiver, and it can only be cancelled by the receiver. The payer could choose to release the fund at any time by clicking the “Confirm Releasing” button. If your counter-party breaches the contract and does not release the funds to you, please click “Apply for arbitration” and Bixin will step in. We will gather the evidence like payment documents, contracts, receipts or even chat records from both parties and determine which party should hold the fund.

Requirements for Escrow

Both parties of the transfer need to complete the C3 identity verification at Me – Identity Verify. A aassport, driver license or ID card is supported credential.

Problems Encountered in Escrow

Please apply for arbitration, customer service will help you with it.