User’s Guide to Bixin Red Packet

1, Sending red packets

1. Entering red packet on home page

2. Choosing red packet type
There are normal red packet, including normal red packet (equal amount), and luck-test red packet (random amount), and code red packet to choose from.

3. Choose crypto type

4. Entering amount
User can enter amount of certain crypto, or the fiat (CNY or USD) equivalent amount, which the system automatically converts for the user. The unit of Bitcoin is sat (satoshi).

5. Enter quantity of red packets
User can send 1o00 red packets at one time.

6. Enter blessings
User can write down blessings when sending the red packet.

7. Add fund to red packet and pay
When red packets are not claimed for 24 hours, the unclaimed amount will be issued back to the sender’s Bixin account.

8. Setting code for red packet
For a code red packet, user needs to designate a code containg 2 to 14 charaters (Chinese or English).

9. Sharing the red packet
User can send the red packet to Bixin’s chats, or share link to the red packet on other social platforms including WeChat, QQ, etc. For code red packet, user can generate text, making it easier to copy and share.

2, Claiming Red Packets

1. Claiming normal red packet

1.1>Claiming red packets over Bixin’s chats
Tap the open button of a red packet over chats on the red packet to claim.

1.2>微信、QQ 等领取

收到暗号后,打开币信 App 进入红包,输入暗号领取。

通过本活动领取到的红包将在您通过币信 App 进行 C3 认证后入账。


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