Announcement on recruiting OTC merchants on Bixin globally

Dear users,

To improve overall service quality and reputation of Bixin’s OTC trading, and to build a more orderly market, Bixin’s OTC trading will upgrade to merchant mode, now recruiting OTC merchants globally.

Bixin’s dedicated to building the most secure OTC trading service, providing a reliable OTC platform to users with the need to exchange cryptoassets .

OTC merchants can freely post OTC offers, making trading more flexible, more convenient, and being more able to enjoy decent profits earned through price differnces of buying and selling on the platform, with customer service at the ready 24*7!

How to apply for the credential of OTC merchant?

1, Finish C3 verification on Bixin and pass KYC

2, Pay certain amount of guarantee deposit

3, Rich experiences of being an OTC merchant

If you are interested in joining Bixin’s OTC merchants, you can add the WeChat of our OTC biz staff: 18035410585. We will review your materials and invite you to join Bixin’s OTC platform.

We welcome strong team or individual to join our ranks. Together we can build a better OTC ecosystem on Bixin.

Bixin Team

June 25, 2019

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