Interest Account


Q:What is interest account?

A:Interest account is an interest-earning financial product for cryptocurrencies. Users put their crypto assets in the interest account and get returns accordingly.

Q:What are the ROI rules of interest account?

A:Interest account counts interest on a monthly basis, and starts counting interest once fund is transferred in. Compound interest is counted when saving is renewed into next phase. The longer the saving period, the higher the rate of return. Interest rate will be dynamically adjusted based on market trends.

Q:Why fund withdrawal from interest account is not real-time?

A:Tap “My interest account”, tap the saving that you want to withdraw, and go to the details page to apply. Since interest account is based on 30-days phases, after the application, fund will arrive at the end of the saving phase. If no withdrawal application is submitted before the end of the phase, the system renews the saving automatically, generating higher returns for the saver.

Q:How safe is the interest account?

A:The fund raised through interest accounts will be used in financial services like Crypto Lending, Margin Trading, etc. Users of these services will pay the cost of using such fund, which is the income source that contributes to the return of interest accounts. Financial services involved will require enough safe margin through mechanisms like over-staking or collateral to ensure the safety of fund saved.

Q:How much can one invest in his interest account?

BTC: 0.01BTC




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