Deposit & Withdrawal

Click “Receive” in Home page of Bixin APP, select which crypto you would like to deposit, then transfer to the corresponding address.

For a list of supported cryptos, see here

All internal transfers in Bixin are free of charge.

For a list of limit and external transfer fees, see here

Both internal & external transfers are executable in Bixin:
>>Internal transfers are instant and free of charge
>>2 options for external transfer of BTC:
1. Hourly batched transfer(your crypto will be sent in next hour point), which only costs 1/10 of the current best transaction fees 
2. Real time transfer, whose fee is the current best transaction fees.
The rest cryptos are all real time transfer.
Review is required when Internal transfer≥100BTC o External transfer≥50BTC, which will be handled within 24h.
Any questions regarding to the withdrawal, please feel free to contact customer service in Bixin APP.

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