Escrow Payment User Guide

1, Initiate Escrow Payment

1.1 Find Escrow Trasnfer
Entrance of Escrow Transfer is now on the homepage of Bixin App.

1.2 Find Contacts
More convenient for users to find contacts via mobile phone number, Bixin UID and a recent contacts part.

1.3 Pick Cryptos and Enter Amount
Users can choose cryptos and enter amount on this page.
Traders can contact each other by clicking the contact button.

1.4 Confirm the Escrow
Press the Confirm Button, read the tips, enter password, and the order is successfully initiated.

1.5 Release Cryptos
To meet various payment needs, users can choose from different percentage rates by tapping buttons, including 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and all, to release cryptos, after which the order will be finished.

2, Apply for Arbitration

If there is any doubt about the order and both the users are not satisfied with the negotiation, each of both can apply for arbitration, in which Bixin will play a role.

Reasons for arbitration should be selected correctly.

During arbitration, please wait for customer service to contact. Before arbitration finished, the transaction will be put off indefinitely.

Applying for arbitrantion will be allowed in 15 minutes when the transaction order initiated, and should not be more than 3 times within the same order and the same user.

3, Cancel Orders

The counterpart can cancel orders, the cryptos and service fees will be issued back to user’s account.
The same user can cancel orders no more than 10 times during 24 hours.

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