Bixin’s Cryptolending

Bixin CryptoLending’s Vision

Since its founding in 2014, Bixin’s been dedicated to providing its users safe and reliable crypto custodian service. Lending is Bixin’s new biz answering to demand of the market, aiming to maximize its users’ fund management capabilities.

Various Scenarios
1) Miners’ liquidity source

When price of Bitcoin (and other mineable coins) is at its long term low, big electricity cost means selling too much crypto mined at undervalued prices, while using Bixin’s CryptoLending helps miners tackle the liquidity issue when HODLing.

2) Quants and OTC Trading

Any quant/OTC traders need to hold on to some cryptos in order to do trading, that means they are necessarily exposed to price fluctuations. CryptoLending helps traders avoid this risk.

3) Hedging or Speculating

Whether investors want to avoid upward or downward risk, they can utilize cryptolending to do hedging. For those who want to bet against market trend, cryptolending also provides them with some leverage.

4) Crypto Project Operation Cost

For those crypto project team with large sums of crytocurrencies on their hand, they can get access to necessary liquidity through cryptolending without selling.

Product Features

Being the most senior custodian wallet in the industry, Bixin has rich experiences in terms of safe custodian service, making it naturally advantageous for keeping stakes safe. Bixin CryptoLending provides the most competitive lending rates in industry, and its product will be ever updating and optimizing to meet the needs of its users.

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