Announcement on the Upgrade of Escrow Transfer

As the system was recently upgraded, Escrow Transfer will be suspended for approximately 3 hours since 12:00, January 8 2020 (GMT+8). Please make sure to complete all your escrow transfers before that.

Clients earlier than 3.7.11 no longer support Escrow Transfer. If you intend to keep using Escrow Transfer functionalities, please visit or tap the picture below to upgrade your Bixin wallet to V.3.7.11 or newer. Features of the revamped Escrow Transfer include:

1. C3 real-name authentication;
2. Escrow payment is guaranteed by Bixin. Fund will be transferred to Bixin’s escrow account;
3. Only after the user confirms releasing the cryptos, will the counterparty recieve the cryptos;
4. Users can initiate arbitration if they have doubt about the transaction;
5. Chat history is permanently saved and can be used as proof for arbitration.

Thank you for your trust and support!

Bixin Team
Jan. 7, 2020

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