Notice on F2Pool Supporting Bixin as Means to Receive Mining Revenue

Bixin Open Platform has now established cooperation with F2Pool. For users who are mining BTC on F2Pool or using BTC settlement function, they can set Bixin wallet’s BTC address as the means to receive their BTC mining revenue, and enjoy the following benefits:

Zero Minimum Payment Threshold: You will no longer be subject to the minimum payment limit. Getting paid on a daily basism, what you mined is what you will get.

“Split-second” Transfer Service: No need to wait for confirmations on blockchain when receiving mining revenue. Mining revenue will be directly transferred to your BTC address on Bixin wallet. Real time arrival and no waiting.

Bixin launched Bixin Open Platform in April 2018, providing blockchain developers with Bixin login, payment and other services. Bixin Open Platform established cooperation with multiple mining pools and exchanges, offering fee-free and real-time transfers.

Welcome to join us on Bixin Open Platform.

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