Notice on the Upgrade of OTC Trading

To create a safer OTC trading environment and ensure safety of all Bixin users’ assets, Bixin has upgraded its OTC module on November 2nd, 2019, and has updated the OTC trading rules accordingly.

1. OTC Trading’s new features

· “OTC Account” added
Go to: Bixin App ⟶ OTC Trading ⟶ Me ⟶ OTC Account

When selling: Ad posters need to transfer digital assets to their OTC accounts before selling digital assets, while normal users do not need to do the transference before selling their digital assets.
When buying: When both ad posters and normal users purchase digital assets, their assets will be transferred to their OTC accounts, and the balance can be transferred back to Bixin wallet.

2. OTC Trading’s new rules

a. When users place orders to buy digital assets through OTC trading, they need to enter payment password and do facial recognition.

b. When users buy digital assets through OTC trading, they will receive 80% of the assets they bought (please go to “OTC Trading – OTC Account” to view), while the other 20% of assets will be freezed for 2 natural days, during which time these assets cannot be withdrawn or sold through OTC trading. That means this proportion of 20% will not be released until 2 natural days, or 48 hours later. This measure is temporary. We will implement multi-level risk-control measures based on users’ different risk levels.

Friendly tips:
After the upgrade, OTC trading module will only be available for App of 3.7.11 or newer. If you are using an older version of Bixin below 3.7.11, please update timely. Download Bixin at:

If you encounter any problems using Bixin, please contact us anytime. 24 hours customer service: Bixin App – Me – Help Desk.

Thank you for your support.

Bixin Team
Nov. 3rd, 2019

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